1. On the other hand the unemployment rate based on a survey conducted by BPS shows the Open Unemployment Rate in Indonesia in August 2015 was 7.56 million people while in August 2014 it was 7.24 million. Obviously this figure has shown an increase every year. And it is a sad fact that increasing unemployment in it also increases the open unemployment rate of tertiary education graduates. Figures in August 2015 showed as many as 905,127 graduates of tertiary institutions were unemployed, while in August 2014 "only" amounted to 688,660 people. This means that there are still many college graduates who are still unemployed, increasing in number from year to year. There must be a solution to the solution. Based on the information above, it is deemed necessary to have an institution and program that can help Indonesian people get out of the shackles of ignorance as well as poverty, in this case unemployment. Wilmar Bisnis Indonesia Polytechnic (WBI) is an entrepreneurial applied university in North Sumatra that has the seriousness to solve the above problems. WBI was founded by Mr. Martua Sitorus, as a national entrepreneur figure, who has a dream that is that in Indonesia young entrepreneurs from "college" will be born. Certainly if this shared dream is realized, of course it will also strengthen our nation's national resilience, in accordance with the WBI's vision of "Nurturing Entrepreneurs, Empowering Nation". Therefore, WBI invited all Indonesian sons and daughters to participate in developing the nation.